End to End Big Data Workshop

                    WentzelDave Wentzel

8:30:00 AM - Berwyn

Getting started with Big Data can be daunting if you haven't been exposed to the tooling. In this session we'll start with why we build data lakes and what they are good for. Then we'll look at how to ingest data at scale. Then we'll work with larger datasets and load them into various query tools like Databricks. We'll build a basic ML model against the data using Jupyter notebooks. We'll finish with Power BI visuals against the data. The goal is to show the end-to-end Data Science Process to discover, enrich, and model data. **You will need an Azure subscription with the ability to spin up a Databricks cluster. Please ensure you have done this PRIOR to the event. Databricks clusters will automatically shutdown after 2 hours to help you contain costs.**