Build A Self Sustaining Software Consulting

                    ChandMahesh Chand

11:30:00 AM - Paoli

Software consulting can be rewarding as well as scary. As an independent consultant, how do you make sure that your next job is already lined up before this project is finished? This session focuses on software developers who want to get into independent software consulting, or current consultants who want to build a self-sustaining self-replenishing consulting business. 1. Full-time employee vs. independent consultant 2. Risks and rewards of being independent (and work from home) 3. Build your profile, promote it, market it 4. Become a thought leader, expert, and "the name" 5. "Niche" is the keyword 6. Grow your network and build relationships 7. Upgrade by speaking and writing 8. Sell yourself 9. Q&A