Learn to Program Azure Service Fabric

                    MontgomeryMichael Montgomery

8:30:00 AM - Malvern

Azure Service Fabric represents nothing less than the next evolutionary breakthrough in software programming on the Microsoft stack. It is Microsoft’s premier platform for building, deploying and managing robust, scalable microservice systems in the Cloud or on-prem. Central to Azure Service Fabric’s development experience is its powerful microservice-oriented programming models. These models fill the gap left by orchestration-only technologies such as Kubernetes, enabling teams to build low latency, high scale microservices using familiar techniques that are more robust, consistent, repeatable and extensible. In this technically immersive hands-on workshop, Service Fabric expert Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery will walk you through building your own Service Fabric reference architecture. You will first learn the basics of the various stateless Reliable Service programming models. You will then create a stateless API, a stateless Remoting service and connect them together into a meaningful architecture. Along the way, you will learn the basic system structure of a Service Fabric ‘application’ and how that structure relates to defining, configuring, hosting, deploying and ultimately consuming the services associated with it. Monty will also reveal ServiceFabricEx, a powerful, publicly available framework he created that enhances the Service Fabric’s programming model to (re)introduce an extensible aspect-oriented techniques for injection, interception, policy enforcement and context flow.