John Graham

Director of Software Engineering at Miles Technologies

After a 10 year career in sales I decided to pursue my passion for technology. I started with Miles Technologies as a member of the Software Support team. During my time doing customer support for our applications I wanted to dive deeper into my understanding of the technologies that build the applications I was supporting. I spent several months consuming all forms of Development training applications and online courses to teach myself how to program. Shortly after I transitioned into a developer role and continued my learning path. I worked for several years progressing to Senior and eventually a developer lead. I was more and more interested in automation and efficiency which drove me towards our Engineering team. Looking for a new challenge I transitioned to this team that is focused solely on automation and efficiency improvements. After a year of experience within the team I assumed the director role. My responsibilities now are focused on keeping our engineering team members growing and doing the work that they do best. I'm also involved in the design and architecture processes for our internal tools and processes. My current passions are focused on joining our company efforts with the greater developer community. I want to take skills and knowledge from the community and share things that have worked well for us with everyone.


D.R.Y. out your Angular Apps